NEW Concrete mixers !

Concrete mixers

       We offer concrete mixers by FM Leżajsk with a universal mixer control module (concrete mixers with a capacity of 4-12 m3 made of S355 steel). Concrete mixer controls. It includes start / stop motor, +/- gas, speed regulation with stabilization and change of direction of rotation of the mixer drum.


A concrete mixer with a radio-controlled telescopic chute of over 9 meters (ELCRO control of our production). The main recipients of such sets are customers from Scandinavia, where such solutions are very popular. Another novelty in the Scandinavian version is the mixer, which differs in shape from the standard FML. It is elongated, somewhat reminiscent of a cigar, and the capacity is equal to a 10-cubic-meter drum. Another version of the bodies is a project also from across the Baltic Sea - a concrete mixer on a hook frame, also with a telescopic gutter. The first pieces are currently under preparation.

Volvo-FMX-tridem-z-rynna-hydrauliczna2-1  Volvo-FMX-tridem-z-rynna-hydrauliczna17

Volvo-FMX-tridem-z-rynna-hydrauliczna  model-skandynawski-cygaro

Computers are adapted to control CIFA, SERMAC, SCHWING STETTER, PUTZMEISTER and others concrete mixers. They fully replace the existing ones.

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Truck concrete mixers are FML's flagship products, recognized and desired by enterprises in Poland and foreign markets.

An absolute novelty on the market is a concrete mixer with a capacity of 4 m3. The concrete mixer was built on a DAF FA LF 55.250 two-axle chassis The vehicle was equipped with a 250 HP engine. To further adapt to the individual wishes of the customer, rear pneumatic axles with a load capacity of 11.5 tonnes were used. The mixer with a capacity of 4 m3 is extremely functional and made of high-strength steel. Inside there are mixing spirals made of abrasion-resistant sheets. The drive system uses a planetary gear from the leading manufacturer, ZF, as well as a Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic pump and motor.

This concrete mixer has a tank with a capacity of 400 l, which allows to keep it clean and rinse out remnants of concrete mixes.