Radio remote control


Radio remote control EL-SR-620

Designed for concrete pumps, cranes, HDS, overhead cranes, construction machines!

Transmitter components :

    The appearance and individual functions of the transmitter may vary depending on the version, purpose, design changes or individual customer requirements.

1. Two-axis joysticks for individual movements

2. Hare / snail function - speed limiter switch

3. RPM + / gas plus

4. RPM- / gas minus

5. Concrete pumping / pumping out

6. Regulation of concrete pumping capacity

7. Regulation of the rotation of the concrete mixer

8. Vibrator

9. Safety STOP button

10. Two additional functions

   Made in microprocessor technology, meeting the standards for individual applications. Record working time on a single battery charge (about 220 hours of continuous operation). Large display with two-way communication for easy work. Possibility of programming the speed of overhangs and other functions, e.g. rotation of a concrete mixer. Menu with full access to radio diagnostics.

Receiver :

Receiver components:

- communication antenna, receiver housing, power / signal connector (24 pins)

Receiver technical data:

- power supply: 24V DC

- sensitivity: 1uV

- contact load: max 2A / 24V DC

- maximum load of the receiver: 5A / 24V DC

- operating voltage of relays: 110V DC

The kit includes:

- transmitter, receiver, antenna,

2 pieces of Li-on 4500mAh batteries, charger.


designed on the basis of the latest technologies that meet the highest safety standards. Entirely manufactured in Poland using innovative solutions and the highest quality electronic components.

The remote control system is used not only to control the operation of concrete pumps, but also for a crane or an overhead crane.

The transmitter controls the relays located in the receiver and the proportional outputs of the receiver. The STOP button is made in the form of a red mushroom, which makes it the most accessible button. 

 Our radio control can be freely adapted to work with concrete pumps of such well-known companies as:


It replaces the known radio controls, including SCANRECO RC400, Autec, HBC Radiomatic, Hetronic.