Elcro GPS system

       ELCRO GPS system is a reliable way to efficiently manage, monitor and control vehicles in your company. This applies to cars, trucks, vans and even vehicles of special services and construction machinery. Many years of experience allows our company to adapt to your needs and expectations, thanks to which we create optimal solutions.

The vehicle monitoring system uses GPS and GSM networks. It consists of a high-quality transmitter, a user platform and a server with a program that supports the platform and maps. The devices have an event buffer that allows the collection of information about the vehicle at the time of its presence outside the network of the home operator (e.g. abroad). In Poland, the transmitter will transmit all information to the system. If the user chooses the "roaming" function, he can monitor his vehicle online incurring roaming costs.

Elcro GPS dedicated to concrete plants and transport companies cooperates with a system for measuring and registering loading and unloading masses with vision verification.

Genneral attributes:

- Receiving and managing information from your own vehicles, i.e. speed, fuel status, position on the map, stops.

- The ability to receive information about emergency states in the car on two mobile phone numbers.

- Real-time vehicle position monitoring.

- Fleet management, i.e. entering data of drivers, vehicles, administration of deadlines (vehicle transfer, insurance, inspection, date of use)

- Reporting events in printable vehicles, option to set user operators